Claire Ghabrial is one of the Australia’s finest female boxers. She has had nearly 20 years experience in karate, kickboxing and boxing combined. At the age of 12 Claire started karate after being invited by a school friend, so with nothing to lose gave it a go and continued until she was 18. Claire competed in several karate tournaments and thoroughly enjoyed the fighting side to it. This  led  her to change to kickboxing where she had 7 fights 5 wins. After spending a few years in the ring Claire discovered her hands and footwork were her strengths so thought she would be more suited to boxing, and that she was. In March 2003 at the age of 21 Claire entered the ring for her boxing debut not knowing at that present moment she would continue on to become one of the best  most respected female fighters this country had seen.
With an impressive fight record of:
51 fights, 41 wins,
7 State titles,
5 Australian titles,
3 Oceania titles,
2 international gold medals,
Australian king of the ring,
Australian Masters champion,
Female boxer of the tournament  at the presidents cup in Jakarta,
Australian representative at 2 World Championships
1st female in Australia to ever be offered a scholarship with Boxing Australia.
Moving back to Canberra for 6 months in 2011 Claire lived at the AIS and trained full time under the head Australian coaches Coach Bodo Andreas (Germany) and Coach Don Abnett (Australia). This was one of Claire’s career highlights being a full time athlete doing what she loved to do.
Claire has travelled the world competing against and training with the best female boxers and coaches around the world.
Training camps: Canada, UK, China, Germany, Switzerland
Fought in: China, Russia, Canada, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Indonesia, Barbados,
Fitness career:
2 year diploma of fitnes/Cert 1V in fitness
HLC LV1 (Holistic Lifestyle Coach)
VIPR Certified
TRX Certified