homepageClaire Ghabrial is one of the Australia’s finest female boxers. She has had nearly 20 years experience in karate, kickboxing and boxing combined. At the age of 12 Claire started karate after being invited by a school friend, so with nothing to lose gave it a go and continued until she was 18. Claire competed in several karate tournaments and thoroughly enjoyed the fighting side to it. This  led  her to change to kickboxing where she had 7 fights 5 wins. After spending a few years in the ring Claire discovered her hands and footwork were her strengths so thought she would be more suited to boxing, and that she was. In March 2003 at the age of 21 Claire entered the ring for her boxing debut not knowing at that present moment she would continue on to become one of the best  most respected female fighters this country had seen.


Myself and my friends have been training with Claire for a few weeks now; every session has always been something different yet still pushing us to our limits! Loving the fact we are getting results already!! Claire always puts us to the test but always in a fun way. We look forward to our Monday sessions every week. We love her!
Rachael R.
I have been training with Claire for a few weeks, each session is different, fun and definitely challenging. I already feel and see the difference and I actually have core strength which was none existent before and I am getting stronger each session. Claire is also easy to realte and had has a great sense of humour; I look forward to each Monday!
Luciana C.

In December 2013, at 40 years of age and after 10 years of not exercising, I was pondering whether to join a gym. This was an idea that I had flirted with for the previous 3 years. After watching part of one of Claire’s group classes through a window and a 5 minute chat at its end I decided to follow up on her words of encouragement and “give it a go”. Right from the very start she instinctively knew how to motivate me. I remain very thankful to her for her doing so. It has proven to be one of the best decisions I made that year.

15 months later I’m a gym regular and organise my working week around attending Claire’s Tuesday group class and a 30 minute private training session on a Thursday. From this I am delighted to find myself feeling as fit as I was in my early 20s and with what seems like a healthy addiction to exercise and self improvement.

Claire’s boxing credentials are both well known and without peer. Whilst she may draw from these, this is not what makes her an outstanding trainer. I have found Claire’s greatest strength to be her ability to get inside my head, offer improvement advice that works and motivate me to be the absolute best that I can be on that particular day.

Whether it is boxing, weights, circuits or TRX Claire designs a personal routine that pushes me to the extremity of the limits that I want to achieve within the time available. At the end of each session there are two guarantees. These are that I will feel both knackered and amazing.

I have been training with Claire through PT sessions and bootcamps on and off now for approximately 5 years. However it has been over the last year that I owe much of my success to Claire, who has helped me not only physically but mentally through my life changing journey.

Claire “flicked the switch” for me, and has helped me build a more positive mindset towards health and fitness. She has been by my side watching the scales drop over 20kg, and has worked patiently with me to improve my fitness and strength. Personally, I still have a long way to go, but I know I will continue to see positive results with Claire’s guidance and support. She has become much more than a trainer to me, but also a mentor and friend.

Over the years, I have recommended over 10 friends to Claire, all with their own personal health and fitness goals and like me, they have never looked back. Again, I recommend Claire to anyone out there looking for a trainer whether it be for weight loss or general health, fitness and strength. If you are willing to put in the hard work, I guarantee Claire will not give up on you!

Stephanie V.
Claire never fails to disappoint when it comes to personal training. Every week I leave beyond sweaty, sore yet feeling so refreshed getting all the weekend toxins out of my body. My results have been phenomenal, my body strength and energy has increased immensely! Thankyou Claire, Monday morning training could not come quick enough.
Chanel D.
Claire is an impressive person from the inside out. She has seen her fair share of success as a world class athlete with multiple titles and numerous accolades. I have known Claire as client, a world class athlete, an outstanding personal trainer, a leader, a friend, and a mentor to so many of her clients. Claire is no stranger to challenges or disappointment, she has experienced both. But like so many other exceptional people I have known Claire has found the courage to persevere, dig deep and move forwards through to greater things. Despite being ranked 5th in the world as an amateur boxer I believe Claire’s greatest successes are still to come. I can confidently recommend Claire based on everything she has accomplished, her strength of character, and her commitment to helping others.
Steve Hooper
Jab, hook, upper cut; these terms I didn’t know existed before I met Claire.  I decided to join Claire’s boot camp on a whim, to help a friend in her fitness journey.  I just never knew that I would be making one on my own. Im not going to lie I have never sweated, grunted, or puffed as much as I have in Claire’s camps.  I was doing exercises, distances and movements that I thought were well out of the range of normal human endurance. Lets be honest, if exercise is easy, then you can’t be doing it right.  Although I have equally never laughed, enjoyed and loved exercise as much as I have; so I guess the second trumps the first. Not only is Claire one of the most effective ‘Sergeants’ I’ve ever had, she is also one of most supportive and encouraging friends I have had the honour to meet.  No matter what your goal, no matter what you want to get out of training with her, she will help you make that dream a reality.  You walk away every session exhausted, dripping in your own fluids, but most importantly a smile on your face knowing that you have done something great for yourself that day.


Bianca Grubor
Everlast WA has had a long and fruitful relationship with Claire Ghabrial. It has been a joy to follow her boxing and watch the achievement list grow and grow over a wonderful career. Claire oozes class and has been a tremendous ambassador for the Everlast brand since the moment our paths crossed. Claire’s positive outlook on life and determination in any field needs to be seen to be believed. We will always sing her praises whether it be on the sporting field or the corporate arena and look forward to partnering with Claire and Glove Up for many years to come.

The West Australian branch of the CFMEU are proud to have supported Claire throughout her boxing career. Over the years Claire has addressed our members meetings and I can confidently say that Claire epitomises the union’s ethos, “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win.”

The union continues to believe in Claire and we are honoured to have provided Claire with financial support as well as encouragement by the ringside.

“Having been trained by Claire over many years, I can say she is nothing short of amazing. With my busy lifestyle and work commitments she has the ability to keep me motivated and positive on the importance of keeping fit. Whether it’s a Personal Training session, Group class or participating in one of her unique boot camps, training with Claire is infectious and you are guaranteed results.”

Mick Buchan CFMEU - C&G division, WA

I have known Claire for 10 years and can only commend her on her life achievements as well as her commitment to training people to not only get fit and lead healthier lifestyles but also as a positive influence on everyone she meets. I have never felt better or trained as good …. With a little pushing… than I have with Claire. As they say no pain no gain, but it is worth it and I feel incredible. With having over 20 years of boxing experience, training with Claire ensures I am pushed to my limit each and every time with the experience she offers and the commitment she offers me I will be training with her a long time to come. Thank you Claire, you are an inspiration and one hell of a trainer.

Jasmyn Wright